Vanille Greiner

I am from Strasbourg in France where I obtained a doctorate in Pharmacy (PharmD) and a doctorate in Life Science (PhD). I carried out my research project in the Laboratory of Biophotonics and Pharmacology where I studied the mechanism of DNA methylation involving the protein UHRF1. My research in epigenetics led stimulated my interest in non-coding RNAs and I joined the McManus lab as a postdoc to work on extracellular RNA. During my spare time I like to have good meals with friends, attend to live music, dancing, and eat cheese with good wine ...


recent publications

Greiner VJ, Kovalenko L, Humbert N, Richert L, Birck C, Ruff M, et al. Site-Selective Monitoring of the Interaction of the SRA Domain of UHRF1 with Target DNA Sequences Labeled with 2-Aminopurine.. Vol 54.; 2015. (Biochemistry; vol 54; no 39).
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Greiner VJ, Ronzon F, Larquet E, Desbat B, Estèves C, Bonvin J, et al. The structure of HBsAg particles is not modified upon their adsorption on aluminium hydroxide gel.. Vol 30.; 2012. (Vaccine; vol 30; no 35).
Greiner VJ, Shvadchak V, Fritz J, Arntz Y, Didier P, Frisch B, et al. Characterization of the mechanisms of HIV-1 Vpr(52-96) internalization in cells.. Vol 93.; 2011. (Biochimie; vol 93; no 10).
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