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Staff Alumni

We're everywhere.

McManus Lab staff alumni

note to our alumni : where are you now?
please keep your location and contact information current by logging into the site and updating your profile page.

Name Trainee Position Current Position
Ronald Basco Specialist Scientist Principal Research Associate at Sana Biotechnology
Ali Brincat Staff Research Assistant Fisher Scientific
Amy Heidersbach Staff Research Assistant Genentech
Gabe Loeb Staff Research Assistant Assistant Professor, Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
John Ebrahim Undergraduate Student MD, Internal Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles
Theresa Chan Staff Research Assistant Clinical Fellow, Breast Surgical Oncology, University of California, San Francisco
Kate Longstaffe Staff Research Assistant PhD Experimental Psychology, Bristol
Julia Kolibachuk Staff Research Assistant Senior Associate, King & Spalding
Hunter Richards Bioinformatics Scientist Senior Software Engineer at Myriad Genetics
Rachel Cameron Staff Research Assistant Regulatory Compliance Lead - Pfizer, Comparative Medicine Worldwide Research
Zhongmei Li Specialist Scientist Marson Lab, UCSF
Jean Liu Staff Research Assistant Srivastava Lab, Gladstone
Chong Park Specialist Scientist Staff Scientist, Stanford
Weronika Patena Bioinformatics Scientist Jonikas lab, Carnegie Institution
Kevin Luo Staff Research Assistant MD, Psychiatrist, UCSF
Angel Ho Staff Research Assistant Registered Nurse at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Shaune Hall Staff Research Assistant Scientific Project Manager at Dovetail Genomics, LLC
Xiaoyin Wang Staff Research Assistant PT, Pleasanton Medical Offices
Stacy Taylor Staff Research Assistant Homemaker
Jose Rodriguez Staff Research Assistant deceased
Alyssia Oh Staff Research Assistant SRA, UC Berkeley
Satoshi Saeki Specialist Scientist Scientist, Kirin Pharmaceuticals
Atri Choksi Staff Research Assistant Stanford PhD, Data Scientist, 23andMe
Karina Villanueva Staff Research Assistant Research Associate, Genentech
Ashley Erin Graham Staff Research Assistant Associate Scientist, Metagenomi
Amanda Nolte Staff Research Assistant Clinical Research Manager, Semmes Murphey Foundation
Imke Listerman Specialist Scientist Founder, fPrime Analytics
Frank Jiang Bioinformatics Scientist Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM)
Michelle Raganot Specialist Scientist Clinical Technician Manchester, Connecticut
Zachary Pappalardo Staff Research Assistant Senior Research Associate, Caribou Biosciences
Deyan Tong Specialist Scientist Scientist, Phizer
Maryia Barnett Specialist Scientist Scientist, Pfizer
Sophie Harris Specialist Scientist Medical student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Elizabeth J Cahill Specialist Scientist Research Technician for Sean B. Carroll at UMD, College Park
Ryan Wagner Specialist Scientist Scientist, Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Mayo Clinic
Alondra Hurtado Specialist Scientist Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator, UCSF
Mason Henrich Undergraduate Student Research Assistant, Adams Lab University of California, Los Angeles
Audre May Specialist Scientist Stanford University PhD Program in Immunology
Reuben Aaron Hogan Specialist Scientist Medical Scientist Training Program, UCSF
Lauren Tabor Specialist Scientist Specialist, Fleiszig Laboratory
Anton Ogorodnikov Bioinformatics Scientist DNAnexus
Adrienne Patrice Davis Specialist Scientist Med school, Medical College of Wisconsin
Vaidehi Gandhi Specialist Scientist Martin Kampmann Lab, UCSF
Tiffany Juan Specialist Scientist Kai Wucherpfennig lab at Dana Farber
Christian Tran Specialist Scientist Software Development Engineer (Data Storage and Data Validation) @ Facebook + CS Graduate @ GT
Emerson Archer Undergraduate Student Undergraduate Student, University of Texas, Austin
Jana Gagacheva Specialist Scientist MEng student at UC Berkeley
Stacey Phan Specialist Scientist SFSU Stem Cell Science M.S. and Research Associate II (Shah lab, UCSF)
Lindsey Rollosson Specialist Scientist Research Associate - Tenaya Therapeutics
Kyle McGregor Specialist Scientist Clinical Associate & Scribe