As a San Francisco native and a San Francisco State University (BS in Molecular Biology, 2017) alumni, I am constantly inspired by my diverse and dedicated mentors to pursue my passion for scientific research. At San Francisco State University, I studied the role aminotransferases play in vitamin B6 homeostasis by preliminarily comparing the protein interactions between A.thaliana and humans in the He lab. My studies sparked an interest in microbial engineering and epigenetics. Seeking to pursue my options, I took a brief detour in biotech, but I returned to academia at UCSF because of my ardent desire to uncover the mysteries of gene regulation. Thankful for the amazing opportunity to work at such a welcoming institution, I plan to furiously learn as much as I can before applying for graduate school. During my spare time I like hiking, enjoying the company of my friends and family with food or drinks, practicing a green thumb, experimenting with food, reading, coding, dancing, and giving back to the community.