I received my PhD in Immunology in 2018 from the National University of Singapore, where I worked in the laboratories of Michael Kemeny and Nicholas Gascoigne. During my PhD work, I studied the biology of CD8 T cells and their interactions with dendritic cells. I am extremely interested in multidisciplinary research and I aspire to expand our understanding of biology and unravel the mysteries of life through the development of novel approaches. Besides science, I also enjoy exploring, hiking, tinkering with technology, and taking pictures.

recent publications

Lee DC, Tay NQ, Thian M, Prabhu N, Furuhashi K, Kemeny DM. Prior exposure to inhaled allergen enhances anti-viral immunity and T cell priming by dendritic cells.. Vol 13.; 2018. (PLoS ONE; vol 13; no 1).
Tay NQ, Lee DC, Chua YL, Prabhu N, Gascoigne NR, Kemeny DM. CD40L Expression Allows CD8 T Cells to Promote Their Own Expansion and Differentiation through Dendritic Cells.. Vol 8.; 2017. (Front Immunol; vol 8).