Postdoctoral Candidate

We look forward to your visit. Your itinerary will be arranged by our admin, in conjuction with Dr. McManus and a point-person in the lab. The interview includes a presentation at our weekly lab meeting, lunch with member(s) of the lab, and a set of one-on-one interviews in the afternoon. This will be a full-day event.

Our interviews are largely informal, so please relax and enjoy yourself. While here, you'll learn about exciting science in the lab. We look forward to learning about you too. Although you will be given an hour to present your past work, you might target 30 minutes given the large amount of discussion and questions. Please develop a strong background that frames the significance of your work, as the McManus Lab is composed of a diversity of expertise and training levels and will appreciate getting a sense of the larger picture.

Please complete the below guest account fields.  This information helps us keep track our visitors and allows you to select a date for your visit.  Choose any Friday during the coming year, keeping in mind that our lab meeting is held between 9-11 am Pacific.