Naked Scientists

Welcome to the Naked Scientists series!   This is an invitation-only series, and we are excited to host your visit!

The McManus Lab has developed this exciting program-- where outside scientists and professionals are invited to speak in our weekly group meeting.  This is not a scientific power-point didactic lecture series, but instead a conversation (of sorts) where warm, informal discussions reveal the inner workings of people and their visions. One goal is to promote discussions on 'how to become a successful scientist' by illuminating the different paths others have taken.  Another goal is to connect researchers together, promoting scientific interactions through warm introductions.  On the whole, our "Naked Scientists" program gives trainees get a bigger picture of where we are at UCSF and the different career roadmaps faculty have taken to create successful scientific careers. 

UCSF is really a larger lab community, and we have many collaborators and colleagues in the Bay Area.  Having outside faculty speakers lets us know a little bit about them, and a little bit about their labs.  During some periods, we host 1-2 guests per month, each hosting a warm discussion and introduction to their history and training, and many times bringing members of their own labs.  Likewise, I reciprocate by giving a similar discussion/presentation to their weekly group meeting and members of the lab may join.  Often both labs go out to lunch afterwards, mingling in the positive ways that break down social barriers and promote an exchange of ideas.  Our trainees interact one-on-one with these visiting PIs; these visits can help our lab to build bridges, and to establish connections with future scientists. 

To note, the lab nominates and invites our guests. This program has run for more than ten years, and we have brought in investigators from Gladstone, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Genentech, and elsewhere across the country.  Some have found our industry guests insightful as it helps to unveil the shroud of mystery related to working in the biomedical industry.  Others find junior faculty member guests insightful as it helps get a sense of 'what it takes' to start a lab. Naked Scientists helps break down barriers between academia and industry and to a limited but notable degree, helped some trainees to network and find training experiences and jobs.