training and staff positions are available

SEED Scholar positions are available in the McManus lab.  ImageThis is a vibrant multidisciplinary environment with the research resources and space to create your own path towards independency.  The diversity of our scientific program and publications is a self-evident reflection of the scientific freedom our trainees have, and the incredible opportunities for collaboration.  In many ways, our postdoc positions are similar to 'special fellows' positions that provide freedom, funding, and resources in a highly supportive environment.  The McManus Lab combines multiple fields of genetics, synthetic biology, and systems biology to explore connections to human development and disease, and uncover fundamental science.  Computational, engineering, molecular biology backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply. 

Computational Scientist.  The McManus lab is seeking a computational scientist with an emphasis on machine learning and quantitative biology. Post-doctoral applicants should have a PhD or equivalent in computer science or related areas and capable of analyzing large datasets. The ideal candidate should have a strong publication record, a strong knowledge of basic biology, and enjoy working in a team setting.

Postdoctoral Scholar positions are available in the McManus lab. In addition to the SEED Scholar opportunity above, we have other postdoctoral positions that are funded by our research grants. In this setting you could immediately join a team working on existing research endeavors, helping you to jumpstart your own research program during your first year.  In some cases, this plan makes sense when you don't have a definitive research idea that you are ready to develop yet but would like sheltered time to learn and explore.  Ultimately, all of our trainees are are encouraged to develop their own independent programs (see alumni), specifically programs that they take with them to start their own labs.  

UCSF is a world class intitution where postdoctoral training includes a wide spectrum of opportunities and support.  Postdocs in the McManus Lab receive a generous cost of living supplement and most trainees have additionally obtained their own independent funding while in the lab.

If you believe the above sounds interesting and would like to explore further, please send a pdf copy of your CV by email to Lily Yu, cc to Michael T. McManus.  Include "postdoc position" in the subject line. Send a list of three references to:
Lily Yu (administrative assistant)
[email protected]