RNA sequencing: from tag-based profiling to resolving complete transcript structure.

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Cell Mol Life Sci, Volume 71, Issue 18, p.3537-51 (2014)


Gene Expression Profiling, Ribosomes, Sequence Analysis, RNA, Transcriptome


<p>Technological advances in the sequencing field support in-depth characterization of the transcriptome. Here, we review genome-wide RNA sequencing methods used to investigate specific aspects of gene expression and its regulation, from transcription to RNA processing and translation. We discuss tag-based methods for studying transcription, alternative initiation and polyadenylation events, shotgun methods for detection of alternative splicing, full-length RNA sequencing for the determination of complete transcript structures, and targeted methods for studying the process of transcription and translation. With the ensemble of technologies available, it is now possible to obtain a comprehensive view on transcriptome complexity and the regulation of transcript diversity.</p>