MicroRNAs in ectodermal appendages.

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Curr Opin Genet Dev, Volume 43, p.61-66 (2017)


<p>The surface ectoderm is the source of ectodermal appendages including hair, teeth, and many glands. The development and function of ectodermal appendages has been researched extensively, but many of the molecular mechanisms that govern the developmental programs of ectodermal appendages remain elusive. While several protein-coding genes are established as key regulators of ectodermal appendage development, the role of noncoding RNAs is an emerging area of investigation. This review highlights recent advances in studies of microRNA-mediated control of ectodermal appendage development using mouse models. We will also discuss future directions and technological advances that will drive the microRNA field forward and expand our understanding of how individual microRNAs control ectodermal appendage development.</p>